Sometimes we take exception. Sometimes we make one.

>Old, Young Earther


I would be classified as a “Young Earth Creationist.” I understand the Biblical record to reveal a 6 day(of 24 hours each) Creation. I am persuaded that the unbiased, scientific evidence observable today corroborates this record. I do not consider theistic evolution, day age theories, gap theories and such like to have any merit.

I have been a young earth Creationist now for nearly 50 years; that makes me an old young earther. As a teenager I read Morris and Whitcomb’s Genesis Flood. I heard Morris speak back in the early 70’s. His clear, Bible-based, scientifically valid presentations blew the opposition arguments out of the water (pun intended). When I attended college, I became a disciple of Dr. Gail Terrell, a PhD scientist extraordinaire. How many times I heard his lectures; how many questions I asked him!  How well he taught me.
From time to time I challenge some evangelicals who mock young earth creation.  Their ignorance is matched only by their arrogance.  They find it easy to ignore me.  I had to smile when Dr. Al Mohler stepped into this arena. 
It did sadden me though that they attacked Dr. Mohler’s integrity.   Shame on those whose logic is so flawed that must try to distract us with ad hominem insults that tell us more about them than about their target.  I am amused that some may think Dr. Mohler unequal to the task, intellectually inferior or academically unprepared.  I suspect that they were ill-advised to get into a war of words with this man.  He is as smart as they think they are.

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