Sometimes we take exception. Sometimes we make one.

>Presidential Doctrines


Monroe Doctrine
 Guaranteed Freedom for Nations in the Western Hemisphere, or “America Helps Her Neighbors.”
Truman Doctrine:
 “America helps those who resist Communist Aggression.”
Eisenhower Doctrine:  
“America helps those who resist Communist Aggression, sometimes, in some places.”
Kennedy Doctrine
“America will defend any friend and aggravate our foes.”
Nixon Doctrine
“America will help any friend, or any foe for that matter.”
Carter Doctrine
 “America will boycott the Olympics if you hurt our feelings.”
Reagan Doctrine:
“America will defend any friend and defeat any foe.”
Bush (41) Doctrine
“America will do whatever it takes… up to a point.”
Clinton Doctrine:
“America will do … whatever, as long as it is pointless.”
Bush (43) Doctrine
“America will talk tough and back it up.”
Obama Doctrine (explained last evening):
“America will find it tough to talk but we can always back up.”
(with apologies to Bush 43)  or:
“Walk politely and carry a big purse.”
(with apologies to TR) 

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2 thoughts on “>Presidential Doctrines

  1. >You need to write a text book. Your list of Presidential doctrines is exceptional! The Reagan doctrine is my favorite, the Carter doctrine is the funniest. The Obama doctrine our unfortunate reality.

  2. >Thanks! They do have legitimate historical context. But, I did have some fun with them.

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