Sometimes we take exception. Sometimes we make one.

>A Memorial to a Friend


Gentle voice, gentle words, a gentleman.
Thoughtful friend and neighbor kind,
Ever ready to lend a hand,
These are the things that come to mind.
Stalwart and sure in the House of God.
Knew how to pray and stand for right,
Knew the Shepherd’s staff and rod,
Knew to walk in the Savior’s light.
Husband, Father, Grandfather, great.
Son and brother, so much and yet more.
Respected, admired, each godly trait
A path you walked that reached Heaven’s shore.
Farewell for now! My Helper,  My Brother!
By faith I trust we will meet again.
So glad we still love one another,
So glad I can say you are my friend.

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One thought on “>A Memorial to a Friend

  1. >Well-done.My condolences.

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