Sometimes we take exception. Sometimes we make one.

>I’ve Learned to Wait for Christmas


I’ve learned to wait for Christmas
As it comes around each year.
Still with anticipation
As the time draws ever near.
The child-like joys I loved the most,
Once held in my young heart
Have passed first to my children
And then to a “grander” part.
I once had worried Jesus
Might resent my gifts received
But I learned they’re all from Him
Since in Him I believed.
I wouldn’t want to miss it
The family gathered ‘round.
The carols sung by many voices
What a sweet angelic sound!
I’ve learned to wait for Christmas
And miss it when it’s gone.
But I’m glad the Christ of Christmas
Is with me all year long.
by D. Pitman
Christmas 2010

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One thought on “>I’ve Learned to Wait for Christmas

  1. >'Is with me all year long.'I am glad you have that peace.

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