Sometimes we take exception. Sometimes we make one.


Unquestionably, the children of light stand on solid ground when they fear a new wave of secularization in an age of television.  Almost all of the features on television are, when judged by strictly legalistic standards, quite unobjectionable.  Drunkenness, nudity, gambling, etc., are not the TV practice.  The raucous melodrama lies on the border, indeed.  But, legalistically, it also will pass.  Even the Hopalong Cassidy films have a commendable moral code for the kiddies.  Television’s error is infinitely more subtle than such overt corruption.  It does not wear its heresy on its sleeve.  Its sin is covert.  The trouble with TV, as with the rest of the entertainment world, is that its whole emphasis, its basic philosophy, makes no room for Jesus Christ.  All problems are happily solved without any serious reference to His cross.  Life can successfully be met without the slightest petition for grace.

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