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An abortion rights advocate debated an anti-abortion campaigner at the March for Life in Washington on Jan. 23.

By Luke Moon

Are you a young evangelical who is tired of the “culture wars?” Are you the son of a famous Evangelical leader often associated with the Religious Right? Are you looking to write a article or blog about how “your generation” is abandoning partisanship and especially any connection to the Religious Right or the Republican Party?  Here is a simple Style Guide that will help you effectively make your case.

1.  Start your introductory paragraph stating how young Evangelicals are abandoning the partisan politics of the Religious Right. It is best to describe how the Religious Right has been largely unsuccessful and how it has hurt the image of the Christians in general. In no way can you allow your affinity for the Religious Left to be exposed. Therefore, always claim to be “Kingdom centered”.

2.  Explain how Evangelicals have finally moved beyond the bloody battles over abortion…

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