Sometimes we take exception. Sometimes we make one.

Gather to Go

Spurgeon is my pastor—at least he’s my dead pastor!  He was a man passionate for the Scriptures, passionate about the sovereignty of God, and passionate in evangelism!  His Lectures to My Students, The Soul Winner, and An All-Around Ministry are must-reads for all aspiring and experienced ministers of the gospel, without question.

I have been very interested in what his view was concerning the translation of Scripture.  I know he used the Authorized Version (a.k.a., the King James Version of the Bible).  With his ministry being in the 1850s through his death in 1892, I know this was the primary translation in churches, though there were others that were developed (as there were when the 1611 KJV came out). 

As there is now, there was then about which is not just preferred, but which is superior.  From my observations, five camps exist now in their view of the…

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