Sometimes we take exception. Sometimes we make one.

Thoughts of a Pastor-Historian

I read with great interest this morning “A Statement of the Traditional Southern Baptist Understanding of God’s Plan of Salvation”. This consensus statement compiled by several Southern Baptist pastors, professors, and leaders has an impressive list of signatories. Many of those who have already signed this document are heroes of mine, some I consider friends. Since I care deeply about the issues discussed in the statement and the individuals who have signed it, I had a number of initial thoughts about the document. I thought it might be helpful to others for me to share my initial reaction to the document.

  • I affirm any individual or group’s right to believe what they think God’s Word teaches.
  • I appreciate any attempt to systematically articulate what one actually believes. This is helpful.
  • I fear “traditional” Southern Baptists have misunderstood “historic” Calvinism at several points.
  • Perhaps some Calvinists have fostered this misunderstanding through…

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