Sometimes we take exception. Sometimes we make one.

Resurrected Living

What does it mean to be worldly? Sometimes we find biblical terms that get thrown around with little or no consistency in regards to definition. People use them how and when they want to. Worldly is one of these terms. Often worldly is associated with trends, media, and entertainment that a person disapproves of. Before we label something worldly we should ask ourselves, “What makes this worldly?” Is it worldly because I disapprove of it, or is there some biblical basis for me calling this thing worldly? We also need to consider how it is used in the bible. If we simply go off what other people say is worldly, then there is no standard. According to some, worldly is anything from a pair of jeans with holes in it, to attending a rock concert. In the past worldly has been defined as owning a deck of cards or a…

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