Sometimes we take exception. Sometimes we make one.


Christianity & politics – it can often be a very confusing subject. Well-intentioned and even well-informed believers at times come to very different conclusions when it comes to politics.  How are we to understand and approach this important issue?

Here are some online resources that you may find helpful in the midst of this current political season:

Al Mohler recently wrote a blog post about the upcoming U.S. Presidential election.  He states that this particular election represents a conflict of “two very different worldviews and visions.”  How you vote in this election reveals your worldview.  It is often stated that there is not a dime’s worth of difference between Democrats and Republicans.  Mohler shows how that is not the case in this election (and has not really been the case since the late 1960’s).   You can read the whole thing here.

R.C. Sproul discusses the biblical view of…

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