Sometimes we take exception. Sometimes we make one.

Top 10 Reasons Sports Should be Banned in America

10. The competitive spirit it engenders is contrary to the guaranteed outcomes-equality desired by our society.

9. The perpetuation of gender inequities continues without any sign of ultimate resolution.

8. The carbon footprint of sports in America is larger than that of the general population of Europe and South America combined.

7. Injuries and deaths continue to accumulate among participants and spectators.

6. The religious devotion of fans to teams, many of which utilize public-financed facilities, is a defacto violation of the separation of church and state.

5. The announcers, color commentators and analysts are systematically destroying the proper use of language and logic.

4. The lost revenue, due to unreported gambling proceeds, hinders the expansion of the welfare state that we all envision as best for America.

3. The pyramid structure of sports is designed to eliminate more and more participants at each higher level with great income received by only a select few at the pinnacle of the Ponzi –like scheme. It reeks of “Capitalism.”

2. The advance of digital graphics allows for the replacement of actual sports with computer-generated models suitable for entertainment at a fraction of the cost.

1. Arenas are sure to be needed when Christianity is outlawed for being hateful and intolerant. The only crimes left to be punished in our perfect society. The Christians could be fed to lions – always highly entertaining and not without historical precedent.

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