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A Review of Alex Chediak’s Preparing Your Teens for College

chediak    In Preparing Teens for College Alex Chediak has authored the quintessential handbook for the parents of college-bound teens. It serves, in some ways, as a distinct prequel to his earlier excellent volume on Thriving in College.

Chediak adopts a conversational tone and technique to communicate Biblical principles and parameters for issues involving faith, friends, and finances. The conversational tone will help parents adapt the discussions to their own teens. This book will help parents frame even difficult questions and also discover answers with their teens and not just for their teens. He writes with understanding and in an understandable way.  The scope and sequence of the book is easy to follow and the style of the book incorporates quick tips and insets that highlight big picture moments. The appendix on planning and saving for college is very helpful.

Alex Chediak writes with a clear love for God and for the parents and teens for whom and to whom he writes. He deals clearly with the necessity of conversion and the new birth; he gives careful attention to the gospel.

This book comes highly recommended and I am pleased to add my own.



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