Sometimes we take exception. Sometimes we make one.

Why So Anonymous?

The Anon Church

One of the biggest problems in ministry today is the personality cult of pastors, evangelists and teachers. Being anonymous helps readers to be objective rather than subjective depending on who’s doing the writing. There have been many foolish things embraced by the American Church as a result ofpopular ministers and their published works. Anonymous writers help keep the focus off of themselves and more onto their content, so the reader can be more impartial when it comes to embracing certain teachings.

The “prosperity gospel” is an example of how popular ministers—who think that the Gospel is there to make money—decided to preach and teach such foolishness and ended up garnering a ridiculous following in the process. Because Rev. IkeKenneth CopelandKenneth Hagin and all the other prosperity old timers preached on this topic, their followers just assumed that it must be true. In other words, people believed…

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