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Book Review: HOLDING COMMUNION TOGETHER: The Reformed Baptists, The First Fifty Years – Divided & United (Paperback) Tom Chantry David Dykstra

The historians who attempt to collect the primary sources and first-hand recollections of contemporary events have a thankless task; that is until future generations attempt to uncover reliable records of our time – then the collators will finally be appreciated. I think “Holding Communion Together” will prove to be such an exquisitely excellent record. It blends a transparent historiography, a tough-love honesty and a timely helpfulness that will benefit readers across a wide theological spectrum. This is how contemporary theology must be examined and evaluated. Not every reader will agree with the tone or the technique but every reader will benefit from the painstaking research and the theoretical conclusions drawn. Read this book quickly and then read this book carefully. The authors have given us a superb book that spotlights the nerve center of a specific historical theology in a very specific time frame. I give this book my highest recommendation.

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