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Voddie Baucham has given us the definitive handbook for responding Biblically to the critical theories assaulting Evangelicalism. This is confessional polemics at its best.

The author has carefully defined the terminology crafted, the truth compromised, and the trajectory considered – in the enemy’s battle against the sufficiency of the Scriptures. Though he has winsomely interwoven biographical and historical backgrounds, nevertheless, he never loses sight of the centrality of the Cross of Christ. 

On page 233 he writes, “The Jew-Gentile divide was far more significant than the black-white one. If Christ took care of that on the cross, how much more did He take care of any man-made divisions we face today?”

I urge you to read this book carefully. The language, the logic, and the love in it – love for God and love for neighbor – are exactly the Biblical message most needed in these tumultuous times.

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