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>Never Too Late?

>We have all seen the inspirational stories of the septuagenarian who goes back to college or high school and completes the program; then there is the fellow who searches and finds his childhood sweetheart. Opportunity does not knock once we are told; rather it sits on our doorstep and trips us every morning as we leave.

There is some truth in all that. But I see another permutation on those possibilities. Sometimes we spend too much time trying to re-connect, re-discover or re-invent ourselves. Of necessity the inspirational stories do not mention the elderly lady who bankrupts herself with student loan debt and fails to graduate and dies penniless and unfulfilled. They do not usually tell about the fellow who breaks up his marriage to go looking for the girl of his dreams only to find out it is a nightmare.

I mean to say that if you are late and miss the bus maybe you just need to take the next one, or walk, or call a taxi. I do not see that as a sadness nor as an excuse for tardiness ( I hate being late.) Sometimes unfinished business demands to be completed; sometimes to do so is just a waste of time and talent.

I told you I was a contrarian.

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