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And so we buried my brother …

And so we buried my brother today.
The wind calmed and the rain held back.
Small mercies.

The hour before, the church was filled
By family and friends undaunted by miles or years.
Small mercies.

And moments earlier my parents saw their son now dead
And in their frailty saw, sobbed and survived.
Small mercies.

Others told me he didn’t suffer long
That the accident was immediately fatal.
Small mercies.

Hear me! I bear no anger.
Sovereign mercies, grander, that secure our souls, now supply
Small mercies.

Small mercies. Thank you, Father for
Small mercies.
Small mercies.

And so we buried my brother today.

Four Words That Proved A City’s Willingness to Change!

Hide Thou Me

The Fault In Their (Social) Gospel

Just Thinking...for Myself


As I compose this commentary, there remain segments within the American evangelical church that continue to advance and propagate the principles and tenets of the “gospel” of social justice. Increasing numbers of evangelical churches, pastors, and ministries are buying into what I consider merely a new presentation of an old soteriology: salvation by social activism.

One such organization, Evangelicals For Social Action, describes itself as “a catalyzing agent for Christ’s shalom via projects focused on cultural renewal, holistic ministry, political reflection and action, social justice and reconciliation, and creation care. Rather than a typical “think” tank, ESA is a “do” tank whose purpose is to mobilize movements for constructive social change.” Conversely, The Evangelical Network lists as one of its missional objectives to “offer a safe place for LGBT people and the evangelical church community to dialogue.”

There are other examples, of course, but I highlight the aforementioned not…

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Dormant Servants?

Speaking Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs

The God of History

Are the Covenant Promises Definite? A Pædobaptist Discussion

Petty France

In the debates of credobaptism vs. pædobaptism in the seventeenth century, a great number of books and pamphlets were produced. These, in turn, have led to a corresponding quantity of secondary literature about the two sides of the debate. When looking at the sides as opposites, one of the features that can disappear from view is the diversity of each side.

It has been my experience (and this is a vague generality) that pædobaptists are often unaware or at least disinterested in the diversity of their own tradition. Baptists are equally liable to this deficiency, but in this post I want to present a pædobaptist speaking to pædobaptists in the context of the credo vs. pædo debates.

Joseph Whiston (d.1690), a Congregationalist (or Independent) minister of Lewes, Sussex wrote several works advocating pædobaptism and criticizing credobaptism. He interacted with Henry Danvers (not a Particular Baptist), Edward Hutchinson, Thomas Delaune, and…

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The Poor You Always Have With You…

The One Sin You Don’t Think You’re Guilty Of, But Probably Are

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