Sometimes we take exception. Sometimes we make one.

Hunter Baker

Mitt Romney won the debate tonight.  A lot of observers felt he needed some kind of great zinger or memorable moment in order to prevail.  I disagree.  The Democrats have spent months overplaying their hand by painting Romney as some kind of greedy, capitalist monster.  Millions tuned in to see a very intelligent man who knows his business.  He probably looked a lot better than voters expected, especially those programmed to believe that Republican candidates are dull-witted and unable to handle policy detail.
Though Romney did not have a killing stroke, he came close by proposing a budgetary test that has the potential to stick.  He would ask himself if each program is so important that it justifies borrowing the money from China.  A nice reminder of the profligacy of the federal government.  He also encouraged young voters to see themselves  as the captives of the debt the administration has…

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